A Mother’s Love

For most of us, the holidays are now a speck in the rearview mirror. One of the things I miss when they’re over are all the stories of people helping strangers have a better Christmas. It’s truly more fun to give than to receive. I have a story to share with you about that very thing!

Last month a new client, Colleen, came to me after hearing our Inspiration Wellness ad on the radio. Colleen developed alopecia 15 years ago after her son was born, and has worn a wig for most of her waking hours ever since. She’s always had synthetic wigs but always really, really, REALLY wanted a human-hair wig. Human-hair wigs are expensive, with the low end of the price range at around $700 and the high end around $3,000.

Colleen has always wanted to have more flexibility to style her hair. With synthetics, other than cutting them or doing up-dos, there aren’t many styling options. (They can’t hold up to the heat of styling tools.) Also, Colleen found that the style that she prefers, a longer style and the one that looked most natural for her, tends to fray more easily on the ends of the hairs. That’s because of friction of the hair against clothing, day in and day out.

Throughout last year, Colleen squirreled away money to save up for a human-hair wig. By the beginning of December, when she came in to see me, she had about $700. But with Christmas coming, she was feeling guilty about spending so much money on herself and was thinking of giving up on the wig. Little did she know her mom had recently been in touch with me in private, and put up a big lump of money toward Colleen’s wig—a guardian angel for sure! The look on Colleen’s face was priceless!

Immediately Colleen and I went about choosing her new human-hair wig together. She was so excited to have a sizeable budget to work with, because it meant she could really kind of go nuts and get nearly any wig she wanted. I helped her choose a beautiful, high-quality, hand-tied wig. One big benefit of hand-tied wigs is that they have much more natural movement. As I explained to Colleen, when she wears it on a windy day, the wig will look just like natural hair blowing in the wind.

When Colleen left, a huge smile on her face, I called her mom with an idea. I was just so moved by the Christmas spirit she’d shown, and so touched by Colleen’s selfless hesitation to spend money on herself, that I really wanted to match her mom’s donation. I also threw in one of our hair headbands, something quick and easy Colleen can wear around the house. Having a lazy-day alternative to her new wig will extend the life of the wig. If you could have been there to see Colleen’s great relief and excitement, if you could have heard firsthand her mom’s tender loving care for her grown daughter, you’d have done the same thing.

Spread the joy…all year long!


New Year’s Resolution: Look Backwards

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? If you’re in the thick of cancer treatment, you may view this coming New Year as an opportunity to take stock of important things you want to accomplish in the year ahead. But for many people, writing out hopes and dreams while on a path that feels uncertain only serves to make them feel worse. I think a nice alternative is to look backwards.

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What Zodiac Cancer Can Teach Us about Medical Cancer

I recently heard a funny, true story about a woman with a highly treatable form of cancer. (Yes, a funny cancer story, if you can believe it.) She was out with friends for karaoke but having a hard time relaxing, because she was silently ruminating on the cancer. At some point, a good-looking guy came over and struck up a conversation. When he shouted over the noise of the bar, “Care to sing a duet!?” She randomly blurted out, “I have cancer!”


Source: Wikipedia

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Is Real Hair Better than Synthetic for a Wig?

As consumers, most of us instinctively place a higher value on things labeled real. The “real” version of XYZ—from butter to diamonds to grass—may cost a little more in cash or calories, but hey, premium prices for premium quality, right? By extension, if something is labeled synthetic, we’re skeptical of its quality. Of course, this is why many people assume that wigs made from real hair are the gold standard, while synthetic wigs are something you have to settle for if you’re not able to spend big bucks.Synthetic Wig Cancer
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The Inside Scoop: Selecting Your Breast Prosthetic

Suction, sweating, and noise: You probably won’t read much about these issues when deciding on a post-mastectomy prosthetic. They’re pretty common with attachable forms (as opposed to those that fit inside a pocket in the bra cup), but since manufacturers of prosthetics are behind most of the info out there—well, let’s just say that they want to put their best foot forward. Many of these businesses began with a personal experience with breast cancer, just as mine did, so I believe they mean well. And they do good things!

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